Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Haunted Places by Dr. Hans Holzer

Travel to all corners of the world in search of ghosts with Dr. Hans Holzer, one of the worlds foremost experts on the subject and the author of over 100 books on parapsychology, the supernatural, and paranormal phenomena. In this book, readers visit haunted houses from around the world. From Greenwich Village to Vienna, "The House of Evil" to the famed "Amityville Haunting," Holzer takes the reader on a spooky tour, and explains the real nature of ghosts and they places they haunt. Just in time for Halloween, this book is a must read for all would-be ghost hunters and fans of the otherworldly. 

Halloween is over, but a good spooky book doesn't get old.

In Haunted Places, Dr. Hans Holzer shares stories about several haunted places, as well as results of his visit there with a psychic friend of his.

I liked that for each haunted place, Holzer describes the place, its history and the stories of the people who have had experiences there. It was also interesting to read about his psychic friend's statements, which were usually accurate. The best part, though, I think, is when Holzer goes out of his way to learn more about the ghosts. In several stories, he actually comes up with the possible identities of the ghosts.

A lot of the stories are from several decades ago, but it shouldn't be a problem as the narration makes you feel as though it happened very recently.

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  1. You can find out the possible identities of the ghosts.
  2. You learn the history of each place, as well as the experiences of the locals.
  3. The stories are spooky but not too scary.


  1. The history parts can get boring sometimes.

Naomi did not know that the tea roses had been on that spot for there had been nothing left of them. But she was glad to hear about it.

  1. You like scary stories.
  2. You like visiting haunted houses.
  3. You like learning about the people who are behind the stories.




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