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Review: The Admiral The David Robinson Story by Gregg and Deborah Shaw Lewis



For ages 9-12
Disciplined Life, Determined Athlete, Devoted Christian
Kids will be inspired by the compelling story of David "The Admiral" Robinson, who went from the Navy to the NBA, becoming MVP center for the San Antonio Spurs. When David Robinson became MVP center for the San Antonio Spurs, he seemed to have it all-fame, success, wealth, and a wonderful family-but he didn't feel complete until he found his faith. This is the true story of one man's disciplined life, how he excelled in academics and sports, and who isn't afraid to share his utter devotion to God.


Kids today might not be familiar with him anymore, but people my age and older may remember David Robinson, one of the more talented and well-known NBA players back in the Michael Jordan era.

In The Admiral, we get a glimpse of the life of NBA superstar David Robinson, starting from his childhood up to today.

The book was able to pack in a lot of interesting anecdotes as well as some basketball history that even those who grew up today would be able to appreciate. However, this book really shines when we get a glimpse of David's personal life. Stories from his childhood and his struggles in college and in the NBA illustrate that David, for all his talent and selflessness, is quite human. What makes him extraordinary, however, and what makes this book so valuable to kids is how it shows that David is very generous and how he puts God first. Kids, especially young athletes, will be able to learn from his story.

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  1. It makes David seem more normal.
  2. Kids will be able to see how it's possible to balance work with other important things.
  3. Kids learn more about one of the best players in NBA history.


  1. Kids may not know who David Robinson is.

When photographers wanted a picture of him kissing the championship trophy, he refused saying, "I'm not kissing anything that doesn't kiss me back."

  1. You're a David Robinson fan.
  2. Your child is an athlete.
  3. You want to show your child how athletes can balance their different priorities in life and still be successful.




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