Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review: Cat or Dog for President by Julia Dweck

The narrator asks the intriguing question all Americans want answered: Who would win if a cat and dog ran for President of the United States? Cat and dog lovers will both agree that this is a fun rhyming tale with a political heart. Both sides of the campaign are humorously depicted in a clever way that young readers will relate to and understand. The illustrations are rich, bold and colorful. "Cat or Dog for President" will keep readers engaged and laughing from beginning to end.

Election period is coming up in America, so this book is quite timely.

In Cat or Dog for President, a child wonders what it would be like if his/her cat or dog ran for president. The bulk of the book talks about the pets' campaign platforms and marketing strategies.

As I was reading, I actually gravitated towards voting for the cat. He seemed more proactive than the dog and he already had a plan in place and was making things happen. I'm not sure if the author was actually pro-cat too as I felt that a lot of the descriptions were in favor of the cat. It could be just a matter of perception, though, as the cat just had characteristics and the attitude that I look for in a candidate. I'm not sure about cats liking cheese, though.

The book's ending is expected and is a feel-good ending. Too bad we can't do something similar in real life.

As for the illustrations, the drawings are cute, but because I prefer more traditional-looking coloring, that is those that look like watercolors or colored pencils, I wasn't into the coloring. The colors of the illustrations were more shiny and video game-like. I think kids who grew up playing video games would like this, though.

Thanks to the author for providing me with an e-copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.


  1. It's a timely topic.
  2. It's very accessible to kids.
  3. It sends a nice message.


  1. The illustrations and coloring might not appeal to everyone. 

My dog would bark across the nation, as a poodle typed dictation.

  1. You're trying to explain to your child how the election works.
  2. Your kid likes cats or dogs.
  3. Your child might like the idea of reading a book about cats or dogs 




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