Monday, December 24, 2012

Review: Good News of Great Joy The Amazing Story of Jesus' Birth by Kelly Pulley

Author and illustrator Kelly Pulley presents familiar Bible stories in a fun and fresh style for children 4 to 8. Good News of Great Joy brings to life the amazing story of Jesus’ birth. The Magnificent Tales are enjoyable, rhyming Bible stories with clever art and clear lessons. These are stories that the whole family will enjoy, presented in an entertaining way that parents and grandparents won’t grow tired of reading and re-reading night after night. The humorous, contemporary illustrations will keep even today’s media-deluged kids laughing while they learn important biblical messages. Parents will love that their kids are asking to read Bible stories!
There are a lot of Nativity books out there, but Good News of Great Joy is entertaining enough to be worth a read.

In Good News of Great Joy, the story of the Nativity is told through rhymes and amusing illustrations.

The rhymes are pretty good and they more or less tell the story, with as much detail as you can possibly fit into a rhyme meant for a young audience. I'm not too fond of the font, though, since I feel like maybe a different font would be a better fit for the story or at least would be more visually pleasing.

The illustrations are okay. They look to me like they were drawn and rendered in a computer program, so it's more of a preference thing if you're going to like the drawings or not. I did enjoy, though, that the illustrations bring a little more humor to the rhymes. I also noticed a bird in one of the pages, which I remember seeing in another book in the series.

Thanks to NetGalley and David C. Cook for the e-copy.


  1. The illustrations are funny.
  2. The rhymes are entertaining and cute.
  3. It's a happy read for your kids.


  1. The font and illustrations might not appeal to everyone.


To Bethlehem Joseph and Maqry were sent,
so they packed up some things
on their donkey and went.


  1. You're looking for a nice Christmas story for your child.
  2. You enjoy children's book composed of rhymes.
  3. You like funny illustrations.




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