Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: Food for a Fish The Whopping Story of Jonah and the Whale by Kelly Pulley

Author and illustrator Kelly Pulley presents familiar Bible stories in a fun and fresh style for children 4 to 8. Food for a Fish brings to life the “whopping” story of Jonah and the whale. The Magnificent Tales are enjoyable, rhyming Bible stories with clever art and clear lessons. These are stories that the whole family will enjoy, presented in an entertaining way that parents and grandparents won’t grow tired of reading and re-reading night after night. The humorous, contemporary illustrations will keep even today’s media-deluged kids laughing while they learn important biblical messages. Parents will love that their kids are asking to read Bible stories!
I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would.

In Food for a Fish, we read about the story of Jonah, who was swallowed by a whale after trying to run away from God's plan for him.

It's been awhile since I read the story of Jonah, but this book does match what I remember. The rhymes are pretty good, but my favorite thing about this book are the expressions on the characters and the little things that were added to the illustration to give it a little more depth and add to the story.

Like with the other book I read in this series, I wasn't a fan of the font, though, and I didn't really enjoy the style used to render the illustrations.

Thanks to NetGalley and David C. Cook for the e-copy.


  1. The illustrations are funny.
  2. Kids will enjoy the rhymes and the story.
  3. It's a good way to introduce kids to the Bible.


  1. The font and illustration and rendering style might not appeal to everyone.


Then God made a storm,
and the rain began lashing!
The wind was whish-whooshing!
The waves were splish-splashing!


  1. Your child enjoys stories from the Bible.
  2. You're looking for a children's book with funny illustrations.
  3. Your child likes rhymes.




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