Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Torn by Stephanie Guerra

Stella Chavez is your classic good girl: straight As, clean-cut boyfriends, and soccer trophies . You’d never guess that Stella’s dad was a drug addict who walked out when she was a kid. Or that inside, Stella wishes for something more.

New girl Ruby Caroline seems like Stella’s polar opposite: cursing, smoking, and teetering in sky-high heels . But with Ruby, Stella gets a taste of another world—a world in which parents act like roommates, college men are way more interesting than high school boys, and there is nothing that shouldn’t be tried once.

It’s not long before Stella finds herself torn: between the best friend she’s ever had and the friends she’s known forever, between her family and her own independence, between who she was and who she wants to be.

But Ruby has a darker side, a side she doesn’t show anyone—not even Stella. As Stella watches her friend slowly unravel, she will have to search deep inside herself for the strength to be a true friend, even if it means committing the ultimate betrayal.

When I read the blurb for Torn, the first thing that came to mind was an article I read about Nikki Reed writing the script for Thirteen.

Torn is about the story of a good girl, Stella, who becomes friends with Ruby. Ruby is wild and a bit of a troublemaker and Stella soon finds herself doing things she doesn't really like or is not like her at all.

I have read a lot of YA books so I wasn't really expecting much from this book. I mean, the plot sounds pretty cliche, right? Well, in a way it is. However, it does have its good moments. I particularly liked the ending. :D

I wasn't hooked by the book exactly, as I prefer YA books that have more introspection than this did. If Stella had more life-changing lessons or sort of took a step back and pondered a bit ala Sarah Dessen's characters, this might have been a 5-star book.

As is, the only thing I really hated about this book is Stella's love interest. The guy took away from the story. If the focus had been more on Stella and Ruby, it would have been more interesting and less forced.

Thanks to NetGalley and Children's for the e-ARC. Publication date for Torn is on April 1, 2012.

  1. It has a kick-ass revenge scene against bullies.
  2. It has some unexpected twists.
  3. Ruby is an interesting character.
  1. The resolution came too easily.
As she gave me a mock-princess wave, a word popped into my mind: unsinkable.
  1. You have been bullied.
  2. You have gossiped about someone you didn't know well.
  3. You are feeling a lot of pressure in your life.



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