Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Puffling Patrol by Ted and Betsy Lewin

Every April, the Westman Islands off the coast of Iceland become home to hundreds of thousands of puffins, small black-and-white seabirds with colorful bills. They spend the summer on the rocky cliffs of the islands, caring for their newly hatched chicks. By the middle of August, it is time for the young puffins, called pufflings, to make their way to the sea. And that is when the children of The Puffling Patrol are called to action.

Ted and Betsy Lewin have journeyed to the Westman Islands to experience The Puffling Patrol's endeavors firsthand. In the company of Erna, Dáni, and their father, they drive through town at night, carefully searching for confused little birds that have glided down onto the streets instead of out to sea. Will the children find the pufflings before the birds encounter danger? Will the pufflings ever make it to the sea to spend their lives with other puffins in the North Atlantic Ocean?

The fascinating story of this unique annual rescue, combined with Ted Lewin's dramatic paintings and Betsy Lewin's lively field sketches, is sure to make Puffling Patrol a hit with animal lovers of all ages.
I am a huge fan of books which have beautiful illustrations and a good story.

Puffling Patrol talks about the authors' experience with the Puffling Patrol in Ireland.

My favorite thing about this book are the realistic paintings that look almost like photograph sometimes. The story didn't really grab my attention and I would find my focus shifting every now and then. It has a great concept, though. It's mostly about raising awareness about what is happening to the puffins in Ireland.

The book is pretty long too, and more suited to older kids and for bedtime reading for younger kids.

Thanks to NetGalley and Lee and Low Books for the e-copy.

  1. Beautiful, realistic paintings.
  2. You learn a lot about puffins.
  3. It raises awareness about the plight of puffins.
  1. Some people might find it boring.
Group of puffins, called rafts, ride the waves like toy ducks.
  1. You like puffins.
  2. You like realistic illustrations in children's books.
  3. You love the environment.



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