Friday, August 14, 2015

Review: Mr. Postmouse's Rounds by Marianne Dubuc

Mr. Postmouse has loaded up his wagon and is ready to deliver the mail. From the lofty heights of the Birds' tree houses to the inky depths of Mrs. Octopus's ship, the intrepid letter carrier lets nothing stand in the way of his deliveries. Each spread features whimsically detailed interiors of creatures' homes, which readers will pore over for delightful surprises. This is a charming introduction to the postal system and an imaginative survey of different types of homes.
I love looking at pictures of houses, so of course, I was very interested in reading this book.

In Mr. Postmouse's Rounds, Mr. Postmouse goes about his route, delivering packages to different animals.

I absolutely loved this book. It was fun to see the animals in their houses, and to see what they had in their house and what their housemates/family were doing. The houses are more or less correct, in the sense that yes, the specific animals live underground or in trees as described, but the houses also have furniture and things inside them. I thought this was cute and a good idea since kids will be able to relate better to that. Plus, that means there's more to see inside their homes.

Each house showed plenty of activity, and I spotted at least two nods to fairy tales. I think the girl in the bear's house is Goldilocks, and the pigs robbing the wolf are the three little pigs from the fairy tale.

The drawing style is not the style I usually prefer in children's books, but it works well for the story.

Thanks to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for the e-ARC.


  1. There's always something different and fun about each scene.
  2. It's a good book to read with children.
  3. Kids learn about what postmen do.


  1. The illustration style may not appeal to some. 


  1. You're looking for a book you can discuss with your child.
  2. Your child wants to learn more about the postal system.
  3. Your child loves animals. 



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