Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review: The Bureau of Misplaced Dads by Éric Veillé

When a boy's father goes missing, he looks for him at The Bureau of Misplaced Dads, where at least 20 or 30 dads wander in every day and wait for their kids to fetch them. There are bearded dads, a dad named Michael and even a Super Dad, but none of them belong to the boy. He is about to lose hope when he suddenly remembers what he and his father were playing just before the disappearance. Like the best dads, this book is a little bit kooky and a whole lot of fun.
I was intrigued by the premise for this book so even though I was unsure about the cover art, I decided to give it a try.

In The Bureau of Misplaced Dads, a young boy can't find his father and decides to go to the Bureau of Misplaced Dads to try to find him there.

I was right in thinking that I would enjoy this book. The different dads were quite charming, and I think you'll be reminded of at least one dad you know personally by the dads in this book. The little boy is a sweetheart, and I think kids will be able to relate to him and his love for his father.

As for the illustration style and the colors used, it gave me a hipster-ish vibe, which is cool and all, but for some reason, I wasn't really feeling it and it didn't grow on me over the course of the book. It's a matter of taste, though, so if that's your sort of thing, you'll probably love this book. Even if it's not your style, either, you'll probably, at the very least, find the story entertaining.

Thanks to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for the e-ARC.


  1. The premise is cute.
  2. It's a great book for fathers to read to their kids.
  3. It's a feel-good book. 


  1. The illustrations might not be everyone's cup of tea. 


  1. You're looking for a book your husband can read with/to your child.
  2. You love books that feature fathers and their children.
  3. You like unconventional/hipster-ish designs.




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