Friday, August 7, 2015

Review: March Grand Prix: The Fast and the Furriest by Kean Soo

A new, turbo-charged graphic novel by Kean Soo, author of the acclaimed, award-winning series Jellaby. March Hare wants to be the fastest and furriest racecar driver around. But first, this rabbit racers will have to prove his skill at the speedway, on the streets, and in the desert. With pedal-to-the-metal illustrations and full-throttle action, March is sure to be a winner!
For ages 7-10.
*First graphic novel from acclaimed creator Kean Soo since his Eisner-nominated series Jellaby*Full-length, full-color graphic novel for readers of all ages*Important themes of courage, friendship, and loyalty

I had a good feeling about this book and I was right.

In March Grand Prix: The Fast and the Furriest, March is a young rabbit who wants to be a great racer. Helping him achieve his dreams are his family and his friend and mechanic Hammond the pig.

This graphic novel consists of three books or stories. The first book is called The Race at Harewood. This story introduces us to March and the other characters. March reminded me a little bit of Lightning McQueen from the first Cars movie. He's a little cocky but still has a good heart. I also instantly liked Hammond. He's such a sweet, endearing character and the perfect sidekick to March.

The second book is called The Baker's Run, and is about March and Hammond helping March's sister April with her new baking business. The last story, on the other hand, is called The Grand Desert Rally, and focuses on a desert race that March does with Hammond as his co-driver.

This is a graphic novel that is perfect for car enthusiasts, regardless of age. There are diagrams of cars, which includes their specs, and even though I wouldn't say I'm that big of a car fan, I thought it was pretty cool. My son was certainly happy with pointing out all the cars to me.

This is a great graphic novel for kids, especially reluctant readers. The illustrations are colorful and cute, and each story has a positive lesson. This is definitely the kind of book I wouldn't mind my son reading when he's a little bit older.

Thanks to NetGalley and Capstone Young Readers for the e-ARC.


  1. The illustrations are visually appealing.
  2. The characters and stories are interesting.
  3. The stories have positive lessons.


  1. Three stories don't feel like enough. 


  1. Your child likes cars.
  2. Your child is a reluctant reader.
  3. You like stories with positive messages. 




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