Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Review: I Know Sasquatch by Jess Bradley

Sasquatch are big, creepy creatures with razor-sharp teeth, long claws, and stinky fur (Ew!). At least, thats what most people think . . . But nobody's actually ever met one -- except Jess Bradley! In this quirky, colorful picture book, Jess describes her first encounter with a Sasquatch and the real beauty inside this Bigfoot beast. (Apparently, he's a big fan of bubble gum!) You'll never judge a beast by its stinky fur again!
For ages 4-7.
* Humorous and creative picture book that will activate kids' imaginations
* Mixed media illustrations make this book unique
* Wide appeal: Answers an age-old question about mythical creatures

I had a feeling I would love this book, and I was right.

In I Know Sasquatch, the narrator aims to get the world to see that the sasquatch isn't as scary as they think it is.

The format of the story is like a journal or scrapbook, wherein there is text accompanied by pictures. The pictures themselves are mostly a typical picture but with a cartoon drawing superimposed on top. I thought this was a brilliant move. It makes the setting and the story feel more real, but the use of cartoon drawings acknowledges that this is a children's book and that a feeling of whimsy should remain.

The sasquatch in this book is a cutie and sweetie pie. Those who prefer the scarier version may not like this, but parents will probably like that this sasquatch is more child-friendly.

Aside from the story of how she met Sasquatch, the book also includes information about him, such as his likes and dislikes, his family tree, as well as his friends. I loved those little extra things, as it emphasized what the narrator was trying to show that Sasquatch isn't scary at all and is a lot like you and me.

Thanks to NetGalley and Picture Window Books for the e-ARC.


  1. The combination of pictures and drawings are perfect.
  2. This sasquatch is a sweet creature.
  3. It's something that would be fun for parents and children to read together. 


  1. Those who like the scarier sasquatch may not be fans of this happier and more pleasant version of the sasquatch. 


  1. Your kid likes stories with friendly monsters.
  2. You like cute children's books.
  3. You're looking for a nice book to read along with your child. 



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