Monday, August 3, 2015

Review: Benji Franklin: Kid Zillionaire: Money Troubles by Raymond Bean

Benji Franklin is the world’s go-to super genius. He’s already saved the planet twice before, and now he’s at it again. With the help of his extraordinary problem solving skills (and a solid gold submarine or two), he’ll be busy stopping dangerous underwater earthquakes and catching outer-space cyber criminals! But with balancing saving the world and doing his homework, are there some problems too challenging for even the Kid Zillionaire?
For ages 7-11.
*Follow-up to the well-reviewed first book, Benji Franklin: Kid Zillionaire*Fun, action-packed story that demonstrates the importance of creative problem solving*Cartoon-like illustrations draw in reluctant readers

I read the previous book in this series, and I remembered enjoying it so I wanted to see what happens next for Benji Franklin.

In Benji Franklin: Kid Zillionaire: Money Troubles, Benji is hired to solve two mysteries. The first involves mysterious earthquakes, while the second one involves some serious hacking activities. Can a young boy really solve these puzzles?

While the mysteries weren't as complicated as I wanted it to be, I still enjoyed them. The characters were all interesting, and the problems they put forth to Benji are stuff that regular adults might have trouble solving on their own.

The biggest draw of this book for kids, I think, is Benji. He's the kind of kid that other kids want to be and parents wouldn't mind having as their own. He's brilliant, creative, generous and loves his parents. However, he's not a pushover. I especially like when he gets the bad guys or the people who commission him to give a little something extra, which he ends up using for a good cause. Most kids would probably love all his amazing gadgets and machines, plus all his fun adventures and the fact that he gets to miss school for it. Personally, my favorite parts were the invoices that Benji came up with for his projects. I thought it was very creative and shows how business-minded Benji actually is.

Benji mentions several times that he thinks he's sort of superhero-ish. I'd have to agree. I'd say he's actually a combination of Tony Stark and Batman, but with a more positive outlook on life.

Thanks to NetGalley and Capstone Young Readers for the e-ARC.


  1. Benji is the kind of kid that both kids and adults will like.
  2. You'll learn a few things from his adventures.
  3. Both stories are fun to read, even for kids who probably don't really like to read.  


  1. The stories can feel like they're over pretty quickly. 


  1. Your child is a reluctant reader.
  2. Your child likes inventing and creating things.
  3. Your child likes mysteries and adventure stories.




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