Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: Starring Me and You by Geneviève Côté

This was a cute story, even if I couldn't completely understand the connection between the ending and the bulk of the story.

In Starring Me and You, a pig and a bunny compare and contrast how they react to certain feelings and situations.

I liked this book, mostly because of the illustrations. I like picture books wherein the drawings look as if they'd been colored in with watercolors. It looks classy but still fun and interesting.

Because there was no blurb on NetGalley, I wasn't quite sure what to expect other than that the graphics were my type. The title, the first few lines and the last few lines refer to the pig and the bunny pretending that they're in a play. The bulk of the story, however, is about their differing reactions to things. I thought that was a nice idea that I haven't seen before in a picture book. I was a little unsure, though how the last line "Whatever we are, whatever we do, the stage is always big enough for me and you," was supposed to relate to the rest of the book. Other than that, this was a good book.

Thanks to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for the e-copy.


  1. The illustrations are pretty.
  2. The characters are charming.
  3. The story is interesting.


  1. Some may feel a disconnect between the bulk of the story and the last line.

Now I'm all set! Let's be
sunflowers and sing a duet. 

  1. You want to teach your child about how people can react and act differently to things.
  2. You like picture books with simple but beautiful illustrations.
  3. You are looking for books about opposites but don't want the usual books.




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