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Review: Iris and the Aloha Wedding Adventure (Flower Girl World series) by Lynelle Woolley

Iris and the Aloha Wedding Adventure is the second chapter book in the Flower Girl World series. Featuring strong characters and positive themes, the Flower Girl World books introduce new cultures, customs, and adventures set against the exciting backdrop of different types of weddings.
Iris is traveling to Maui to be a flower girl again, and this time she gets to help set up the wedding! But how will she and her new flower girl friend, Hana, finish all their tasks and still have time for fun? It’s going to take a lot of hard work…and a little Hawaiian magic.
Chapter book ages 6-9.


If your daughter likes books about young girls' adventures or has ever wanted to be a flower girl, you might want to take a look at this book.

In Iris and the Aloha Wedding Adventure, Iris has been invited to be a flower girl at her cousin's wedding in Hawaii. There, she becomes friends with Hana, one of the other flower girls for the wedding. The bride and groom's relatives work together to finish the wedding preparations, however, something unexpected happens and the wedding might be in jeopardy. Can Iris, Hana and the others get everything ready in time?

I remember being a flower girl when I was young, although I'm not sure if I was super enthusiastic about it. That said, I don't think it's unlikely that there are young girls out there that are crazy about weddings (I know I was) and might be super excited about being a flower girl.

Iris is in the Flower Girl World club with a couple of girls she became friends after they became flower girls. As explained by Iris, Flower Girl World "connects every girl who loves being a flower girl! Even girls who have never been to a wedding!"

The focus of the story is more or less evenly split within Hana and Iris. Iris is bubbly and in real life, she would probably be too energetic for me. However, I liked her more than Hana. Hana is, like a number of kids out there, more interested in playing than working. It gets to the point, though, that she doesn't think about others and only cares about getting to the fun part.

For a chapter story for young girls, this one just enough to details that aren't too overwhelming for young readers.

Thanks to NetGalley and Markelle Media for the e-ARC.


  1. You get to see what a Hawaiian wedding is like.
  2. There's a Flower Girl World website you can explore.
  3. It's something different.


  1. This book might not be interesting to some.


Pink plumeria petals were spread all over the sand before them, leading to the beautiful hibiscus wedding arch that the girls' mothers had repaired.


  1. Your child loves weddings.
  2. Your daughter is going to be a flower girl for the first time.
  3. You want to know what a Hawaiian wedding is like. 





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