Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: The ABC's of Yoga For Kids by Teresa Power

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids uses the alphabet, rhyming vignettes, and colorful illustrations to introduce children to yoga in a kid-friendly way. Each of the 56 different poses featured in the book delightfully promote flexibility, strength, and coordination while encouraging children to incorporate healthy activity into their daily lives. Yoga is a non-competitive form of exercise, suitable for children (and adults) of all ages and athletic abilities. Any activity for young children is important because the nation, including our youth, is under siege by obesity, stress, and diseases like diabetes, which stem from poor diet and lack of exercise. Yoga for young kids will create good habits and a foundation for well-being. Children have a lot of fun learning new positions, new letters, and new ideas. This book will delight and bring joy to the early yoga practitioner.

Even though, I'm officially giving this book only three stars, I think this book will have plenty of fans.

In The ABC's of Yoga For Kids, children will learn how to do various yoga poses through the illustrations and the accompanying verses.

This book is a really good starting point not just for kids but also for other yoga beginners. The cute drawings and the verses make it easy to copy the poses. The poses aren't particularly complicated either, as there are really simple poses like the Queen, wherein you basically stand up straight, like a regal queen. I also found out that there were some poses that I liked to do for fun as a kid, like the telephone, which are actually yoga poses. I guess that means that yoga is a perfect activity for active kids.

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  1. The drawings and verses are easy to follow.
  2. The poses are easy enough for beginners.
  3. The book is a great introduction for beginners.  


  1. The vocabulary used may be too advanced for younger children.

Getting ready to spring forward,
I look to the sky. 

  1. You're curious about yoga but are intimidated by yoga books for adults.
  2. You like yoga and want your child to try it with you.
  3. Your child likes contorting himself/herself into weird poses.



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