Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: Hipster Fashion by Karen Latchana Kenney

Is your style…
• quirky and clever but relaxed?
• a combo of flowy and structured pieces?
• an unconventional mix of patterns, accessories, cuts, and textures?
Then you've got that hipster vibe! Good thing you have lots of style experts to look up to. Stars like Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson are always pushing hipster fashion to the next level. With a few hip style staples and a splash of originality, you can create your own super trendy hipster fashion. Find out about the clothes, accessories, and hairstyles that radiate hipster fashion—and discover how you can use them to create your own eclectic style!

I never considered myself a hipster before, but reading this book makes me think I might have been a hipster-at-heart all along.

In Hipster Fashion, readers can browse through pictures of different hipster clothes and accessories, as well as see tutorials for making hipster clothes and shoes.

There are many things I like about this book. One is the layout and graphics used. The patterns make me think of Cath Kidston, while the overall look feels like a spread for a teen fashion magazine, like Teen Vogue or Seventeen.

Second, I liked the clothes and the photos used. The clothes are gorgeous and, though I don't think I can pull it off so I don't wear clothes like these, these are exactly the kind of clothes I like. I especially like the ones that lean towards the quirky/girly/classic side.

Third, I liked the tutorials. I probably won't do them because even though I like arts and crafts, the stuff I create very rarely lives up to my standards and ends up going to waste.

One thing that I did find a little surprising, though, was the mention of Miley Cyrus as a hipster. I never thought of Miley Cyrus as a hipster, ever, but maybe it's just because I can't get the image of her twerking out of my head.

Thanks to NetGalley and Lerner Publications for the e-copy.


  1. The book looks like a spread for a fashion magazine.
  2. The clothes are gorgeous.
  3. The tutorials are interesting and helpful.


  1. The last part of the book containing things like "hipster songs" and movies to "watch to get in the hipster spirit" is a good idea but there are only a few examples.

The hipster look is all about balance. For example, to counter a feminine vintage piece, add some accessories with a masculine touch.

  1. You consider yourself a hipster.
  2. You've always wondered what actually qualifies as hipster fashion.
  3. You like reading fashion magazines.



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