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Review: Storm by Evan Angler


In a future United States under the power of a charismatic leader, everyone gets the Mark at age thirteen. The Mark lets citizen shop, go to school, and even get medical care—without it, you are on your own. Few refuse to get the Mark. Those who do . . . disappear.
Logan Langly went in to get his Mark, but he backed out at the last minute. Ever since, he’s been on the run from government agents and on a quest to find his sister Lily, who disappeared when she went to get her Mark five years earlier. His journey leads him to befriend the Dust, a vast network of Markless individuals who dissent against the iron-grip rule of the government. Along the way to the capital to find Lily, the Dust receive some startling information from the Markless community, opening their eyes to the message of Christianity and warning that humanity is now entering the End of Days.
In Storm, Logan and his friends are the leaders of the Markless revolution. But while some Markless are fighting Chancellor Cylis’ army, the Dust is busy trying to find a cure for a horrible epidemic sweeping through the Marked. And it's difficult for them to know who to trust, especially when they aren't sure if Logan's sister Lily, one of the commanders in Cylis' army, is on their side or not. And all across the nation—and the world—the weather has become less stable and a storm is brewing that bigger than any of them could have ever imagined.

I originally thought that this was the final book in a trilogy, but after reading through the book, I'm glad that there are more stories to come.

In Storm, Logan and his friends continue their fight against the Markless. The roles of previously minor characters now come into focus, but who is on whose side anyway?

This book has non-stop action and I enjoyed it from start to finish. Since it's been a while since I read the second book, it took awhile for me to remember who was whom, but after that, everything went smoothly.

We get to learn more about the leaders General Lamson and Cylis, the disease that affects Marked instead of Markless, and the drought that the country is experiencing. While learning about the disease and the other stuff was interesting, my favorite part of the book were the plot twists. You think this person is good but he's not or this person is bad but he's not. You can't really tell which is which, and that makes this book so interesting.

Unlike the first two books which were pretty subtle with its Christian references and parallels, this book is more open than that. The Bible is mentioned several times, several characters pray, and there are several events that will seem very familiar if you're a Christian or you've seen documentaries about Jesus' life.

One thing I didn't like about this book was the sort of breaking of the fourth wall, wherein the characters come across the first books in the series. I guess some people might like that, but I find it a little offputting and it takes me out of the moment.

Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for the e-ARC. Publication date of Storm is on May 7, 2013.


  1. It's action-packed.
  2. The plot twists will surprise you.
  3. Minor characters get bigger parts.


  1. Mentions about the first books in the series can be off-putting for some.

Dane looked around, noticing the way the land across the valley had been partitioned --- this acre for sweet potatoes, that one for corn, a third beyond it for squash...

  1. You liked the first books in the series.
  2. You like dystopian YA books.
  3. You are looking for a YA action-adventure book with Christian elements.




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