Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: Mental Floss: Scatterbrained by Mental Floss


The bathroom read to end all bathroom reads!
What does Greece (the country) have to do with Grease (the movie)? And what does Grease (the movie) have to do with greasy food? Plenty, if you ask the folks at mental_floss.
Based on the magazine's "Scatterbrained" section, the mental_floss gang has taken on the Mount Everest of trivia challenges: connecting the entire world through the juiciest facts they could find. How do you get from Puppies to Stalin; from Humpty Dumpty to Elizabeth Taylor; from the Hundred Years' War to 8 Minute Abs; or even from Schoolhouse Rock to Abstract Expressionism? You'll just have to open up the book to find out.

I like reading all sorts of trivia books and this Mental Floss book is one of the more interesting ones I've read.

In Mental Floss: Scatterbrained, the topics are divided into several chapters, with the topics per chapter linked to one another through little factoids.

The sheer number and variety of topics mean that there's something for everyone and because of the fast pace that the topics change, it's perfect for people who have short attention spans like I do. There are also boxes that contain additional trivia for your reading pleasure.

The book's strength is really the sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek way that the trivia items are presented. It makes the facts seem funnier and more interesting. This is definitely the perfect book for people who like reading factoids and trivia but tend to get bored easily with books filled with non-stop trivia.


  1. The trivia are presented in a funny, sarcastic manner.
  2. There are a wide variety of topics.
  3. It's perfect for people with short attention spans.


  1. The amount of trivia can be overwhelming.

What happens when you put people who haven't gotten along for centuries, people who started World War I, people who can't even agree on an alphabet, and tell them they all live in one country.

  1. You like trivia.
  2. You are sarcastic.
  3. You have a short attention span.




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