Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Native Americans A Visual Explanation by S.N. Paleja


A dynamic pictorial overview of North America’s first peoples.
There is no doubt that more and more, kids are becoming visual learners. That is why this innovative book uses infographics to tell the story of North America’s first peoples. Infographics are visual representations of information, data, or knowledge. They are very effective in presenting complex information quickly and clearly, as in charts, maps, pictographs, and timelines.
With very little text and simple, highly colorful illustrations, this book will help kids discover an astonishing amount of information about Native American history, culture, and society. From their migration from Asia many thousands of years ago to modern times, Native Americans explores such topics as housing, food, means of communication, types of government, and language.
Kids will find answers to such questions as: How did climate change affect the movement of Native peoples? How did Plains tribes use the bison as a “walking department store”? How many beaver pelts did northern tribes have to trade for an ax? What are their issues today? and many more.
Vibrant, dynamic, and packed with surprising facts and figures, Native Americans is an essential book for anyone interested in North America’s first people. 

Since I've lived in Asia for most of my life, most of what I know about Native Americans come from documentaries, movies and a few books.

In Native Americans A Visual Explanation, readers get information about the origins, history and culture of Native Americans via colorful infographics.

Since I wasn't really well-versed in Native American history and culture, majority of the things in the book were new and very interesting information for me. Usually, with informative books, my attention tends to wander. That's why I appreciated the maps and layout as it helped keep my interest. My favorite part of the book was the part about the different type of Native American housing. I've heard about most of them, but it never occurred to me to compare and contrast the different lodgings. The infographic helped me appreciate how different or similar they were. I also liked the breakdown of the different items that could be made from bison. Who knew bisons could make so many things.

Thanks to NetGalley and Annick Press for the e-copy.


  1. The colorful infographics help keep your interest.
  2. You learn a lot about Native Americans and their culture.
  3. The facts mentioned are actually interesting.


  1. It feels short.

A Native American living in the Arctic requires a different type of shelter from one living in the desert, or the rainforest.

  1. Your child likes learning new things.
  2. You or your child want to learn more about Native Americans.
  3. Your child likes informative books.




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