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Review: World War II Pilots An Interactive History Adventure by Michael Burgan


Action-packed, true-history tales put you in the cockpit. Experience World War II as it happened—the thrills of blasting the enemy in a dogfight, the terror of being trapped in a burning plane, and the indecision of being a hero or saving your life.
From the You Choose: World War II series. For ages 8-11. Experience World War II as you never have before! YOU CHOOSE the path you will take. You decide the battles you will fight. Follow the path of soldiers on land, sea, and air in these thrilling nonfiction adventures.
* Includes the Bataan Death March, D-Day, the battle to control North Africa, and more
* Play-by-play action that keeps readers turning the pages
* Readers choose their next move every few pages—and discover their fate
* Book can be read dozens of times with different results
* Vivid historical photos remind readers that these dramas were real
* Many scenarios inspired by actual events

I usually like choose-your-own-adventure books so I just had to request this one.

In World War II Pilots An Interactive History, you get to choose between becoming a British pilot in the Royal Air Force, an American pilot, and a Tuskegee Airman. From there, you get to choose what kind of adventures you can have.

Since I'm from the Philippines, I knew the best chance to find an adventure storyline set in the Philippines was by choosing to become an American pilot fighting in the Pacific Ocean. The first two times, I didn't get it. On the third time around, I did get a chance to go to the Philippines. Let's just say, it wasn't pleasant.

Having three initial choices is great because there are so many adventures you can try and you can read this book over and over again. Plus, aside from the history lessons at the start and at the end of the book, you learn a lot of stuff, particularly about the different types of planes.

Thanks to NetGalley and Capstone Press for the e-ARC.


  1. You can read it over and over again.
  2. It covers both Europe and Asia.
  3. You learn a lot about the war and the different planes.


  1. The stories are a little short.

The United States introduced faster fighters, such as the Hellcat and the Mustang.

  1. Your child wants to become a pilot.
  2. You want to teach your child about World War 2.
  3. Your child likes choose-your-own-adventure books.




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