Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: CrosScan Puzzles A Challenging New Dimension in Word Search by Bill Cobb, Susan T. Brown

CrosScan is a unique blend of word search and crossword. This concept begins with a word search block; then crossword-style clues take the place of a word list. The theme is hidden; it emerges as the puzzle is worked. It’s an IQ workout that stretches the mental muscles. Created by humans rather than by computer, each finely-crafted puzzle has about 40 words and enough leftover letters to form a quotation related to the theme. Clues are not too difficult but certainly not easy as puns and double meanings are used to obscure the theme.
I really like crosswords so I thought this was worth a try.

In CrosScan Puzzles, you get three types of puzzles in one. You are given clues, like with a crossword puzzle; you search for that word, like a search-a-word; and the remaining letters form a quote.

It's kinda hard to review an e-copy of books like this one, but it's easy enough to get the idea even if you don't complete one puzzle.

The first three puzzles have a few words already circled so you can get the idea. The puzzles are easy enough to understand and solve yet seems to be challenging enough for you to spend an hour or so to solve one puzzle. The quote is also a nice touch because if you get stuck with the puzzle, you can probably guess a word based on what you can see of the quote.

Thanks to NetGalley and Consultants for the e-copy.


  1. The puzzles are challenging but not necessarily difficult.
  2. It combines crosswords, search-a-word, and find the quote.
  3. There are instructions and hints to help you along.


  1. The layout and cover design aren't particularly eye-catching.

While you won't find any clues like "ancient Mongolian bathtub" here, you will find that CrosScan is more challenging than the average word search.

  1. You like crossword puzzles.
  2. You like word search puzzles.
  3. You like activity books.




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