Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Go Tweet Yourself: 365 Reasons Why Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Other Social Networking Sites Suck by Janelle Randazza


Flip Twitter the bird.
Tell Facebook to f#@% off.
Lose it on LinkedIn.Somewhere between the advent of Facebook and launching Twitter to the masses, the Internet betrayed us. It allowed pages to be viewed by job interviewers, newsfeeds to be flooded by Aunt Julie, and for constant tweets about what color socks that random girl from the study group is going to wear today.
This book is the hilarious reply all that says: enough is "enough." We "don?t" want to see the pictures from your business trip to Omaha. We "don?t" want a page-by-page account of what's going on in "Twilight." We definitely "don?t" want a virtual drink!
When you can't fix the problem, fix the blame. And since there's no way in 2.0-hell that you can put an end to the bastardization of the Book, you may as well have a good laugh while pointing the finger at those who ruined their online experience.

I'm a big social media buff so I thought this would be an interesting read.

In Go Tweet Yourself, the author mentions the reasons why she dislikes the different social networks. For easier reading/reference, her observations are grouped by social network.

The thing with humor books is you may like it or you may hate it, depending on what kind of jokes you find funny. Since this was a gift, I wasn't able to browse the book beforehand to decide if it was right up my alley. Sadly, this book barely got a few laughs out of me.

There were a ton of on-point observations here, like how people who like what they have posted look stupid, however, the tone doesn't translate well through the page. It feels like it was written by a stand-up comedian (the harsh kind), but without the benefit of hearing how they say it, it just sounds like a collection of complaints.

I didn't hate this book exactly, but it didn't fascinate and entertain me as I thought it would. In fact, halfway through the book, I actually fell asleep. When I woke up and flipped through the pages I had read, I didn't recognize some of the entries. That means that I either skipped through them or I forgot about them completely while I was sleeping.


  1. There are some witty observations here.
  2. It covers all the big social networks.
  3. It's snarky.


  1. This type of humor might not appeal to everyone.

But who is a bitchy gay socialite? Maybe Carson Kressley? He's pretty.

  1. You are a social media addict.
  2. You like super snarky humor.
  3. You hate a lot of things about social media networks.




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