Monday, October 22, 2012

First Book on the Left: Bright Island by Mabel L. Robinson

Reading piles can get ridiculously huge so you don't get to read and review on time all the books you get. This feature is for the books on my pile that I wasn't able to read in time, but which I'm still excited about.


A Newbery Honor celebrates its 75th anniversary.
     Born and raised on Bright Island off the Maine coast, Thankful Curtis is more like her sea captain grandfather than any of her older brothers are. Nothing suits her better than sailing and helping her father with the farm. But when her dreaded sisters-in-law suggest that Thankful get some proper schooling on the mainland, the wind is knocked from her sails.
     Thankful finds the uncharted waters of school difficult to navigate: there's a rocky reception from her rich roommate, Selina; the breezy behavior of the charming Robert; and stormy Mr. Fletcher, the handsome Latin teacher whose caustic tongue masks a tender heart. And while Thankful works hard to make the best of her new life, Bright Island continues to flash in her thoughts, like the sparkle of the sun on the water.
     Mabel Robinson's delightful coming-of-age story won a Newbery Honor in 1938 and garnered extraordinary praise from critics and readers alike. The New York Times raved, "One would be hard put to it to find a better contemporary novel than this," and now this evocative tale can be welcomed by a new generation of readers.


I really like the old children's books. It brings back memories of my childhood when I would listen to my grandparents' stories about the old days. The "oldies" vibe is very relaxing, I think.

I was able to read a few chapters of the books and I really liked it. Bright Island seems like an awesome place to live or visit. I can see why Thankful really liked it. Thankful seems like such a strong girl. She's a little stubborn, but she cares a lot about her family and Bright Island. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it soon.



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