Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: How to Travel the World For Free by Michael Wigge

How to Travel the World for Free The unbelievable feat of traveling 25,000 miles—from Berlin to Antarctica—without any money! Join Michael Wigge as he immerses himself into fascinating subcultures, rides with Amish farmers in old-fashioned buggies, sleeps on the street with the homeless, and, with the help from alternative lifestylers, learns to nourish himself with flowers. Wigge had only 3 concerns during his travels: How do I get some food? How will I get to my next destination? Where can I sleep? …all without money! This unusual travel diary combines adventure with humor and contains surprising revelations about when money is really needed—and when it’s not. A must-read for every travel and adventure fan! 

When I requested this book on NetGalley, there was no summary so I assumed based on the title that it was a how-to guide.

How to Travel the World For Free, however, is more autobiography than guidebook. Michael Wigge shares how he was able to travel from Berlin to Antartica for free, sort of.

Michael's writing is entertaining and funny, so his crazy anecdotes become even more interesting. His techniques for earning money and finding places to stay are creative, but not necessarily for everyone, especially for those who are timid.

This book is a rollickin' good read, even though it's not something I would actually do. Michael is a good storyteller and I wouldn't be surprised if people get inspired by his journey.

Thanks to NetGalley and Pichu Productions for the e-ARC. Publication date of How to Travel the World For Free is on May 10, 2012.


  1. Michael has an interesting style.
  2. He has some creative ideas.
  3. His stories are funny.


  1. His methods for travelling for free might not be for everyone.

He tells me that he gets his things through bartering and trade; even gas for his truck.

  1. You think you need a lot of money to travel.
  2. You want to travel.
  3. You like reading about people's travels.

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