Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog Tour and Review: So I'm a Double Threat by Julie Prestsater


Megan Miller, a freshman at Carver High and a Double Threat, the perfect combination of smart and popular.
She's got the grades, she's got the friends, and she's got the connections. Freshman year should be a breeze, but it's not. How can it be when you have boys, boys and boys on the brain.
And really only one in particular.
Alex Aguilar...the boy of Meg's dreams.
They met at a party and Meg's whole world shifted. The spark was there, there was no denying it. But could that spark lead to more? Can a Senior and Freshman really make a go of it no matter what kind of connection they share? Or will outside circumstances ruin not only Meg's Freshman year, but her chance at hooking the guy of her dreams.
Being a Double Threat is supposed to make you special, but is it worth it if you don't get your crush?

While I was reading this, I kept thinking how realistic the characters were.

So I'm a Double Threat is about Megan Miller and her first year of high school, specifically her adventures with her friends and the guys who like her.

Even though my high school experience wasn't a lot like hers, I could definitely believe what Megan went through. Some of the stuff she experiences are nuts and makes me glad I grew up in a somewhat conservative country. Although, yes, those things do happen even here, they don't happen as often or if it does, it's usually in college. At least, it did during my time. :D

Megan and her friends are like a PG-13-rated version of the Sisterhood in Travelling Pants. They cut class, don't always like each other, and they party, among other things. They're pretty real. The guys are kinda cliche sometimes, although they do have their moments wherein you think that they sound like some of the guys you knew in high school.


  1. It's a realistic look at high school life.
  2. The characters aren't perfect.
  3. The narrator definitely sounds like she's in high school.


  1. You'll see how annoying teenagers can be. 

Oooo…maybe this can be like the books.

  1. You're in high school or just started high school.
  2. You like YA books that are realistic.
  3. You're not bothered by YA characters who act less than ideally.




Julie is a high school reading intervention teacher who prides herself on matching her students with great books to encourage them to become life-long readers. She enjoys writing stories that even the most reluctant of readers will not want to put down.
Julie is a mom, a wife, a teacher, a reader, and a writer. She also a lunatic when it comes to the NFL and playing Fantasy Football, especially if she doesn't get my first pick quarterback: Tony Romo. When she’s not at home or work, you can probably catch her on the 15 freeway singing her heart out and dancing away in her car.


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  1. Thank you for participating in the Double Threat blog tour. And thanks so much for the great review! :-)

    1. Thank you, too, Julie! I had fun reading the book. :)


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