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Review: Gems from Warren Buffett by Mark Gavagan


Warren Buffett OKs Book of His Gems: 20% of Sales to Charity
Mendham, NJ -  Warren Buffett has granted permission to publish "Gems from Warren Buffett - Wit and Wisdom from 34 Years of Letters to Shareholders," a book based on 34 years of his iconic letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, provided 20% of sales are donated to charity.
Author/entrepreneur Mark Gavagan wrote the entire book on spec - meaning he completed the book while having no idea whether or not he would be granted permission to use excerpts from Mr. Buffett's letters, which are protected by copyright.

The project was enormously time-consuming and could have resulted in an unpublishable book had Mr. Buffett denied his permission. But according to Gavagan, it was a risk-free gamble: "The worst case scenario would have been countless hours spent consuming some of the most entertaining and educational business writing ever produced."
Gavagan continues "I think part of what won Mr. Buffett over was that the book captures the essence of his letters in an entertaining and digestible format. It's not another in-depth biography or investment tutorial. It's a quick, fun read that conveys many of Mr. Buffett's wittiest and most insightful thoughts."
Mr. Buffett granted permission for the book on the conditions that: (1) 20% of sales (not just profits) be donated to the charity, which Mr. Buffett has personally supported in the past; and (2) the book's cover clarifies that Mr. Buffett did not write the book and that it is based on Mr. Buffett's copyrighted letters.
Sales and charity donation figures will be updated regularly on the book's website.
For more information about "Gems from Warren Buffett," please contact Mark Gavagan of Cole House Productions at 201-320-3208 or visit


I don't know much about Mr. Buffett, but I have heard that he is quite witty.

Gems from Warren Buffett is a collection of quotes by Mr. Buffett. They range from the more serious business-related quotes to funny and witty quotes that apply to everyday life.

This book had me laughing every page or so. Mr. Buffett is clearly a man with a great, sarcastic sense of humor, which appeals to me immensely. Beyond entertainment value, though, this book has plenty of sensible business advice that will be useful even to those who aren't entrepreneurs at heart.

Thanks to NetGalley and Cole House LL for the e-ARC. Publication date of Gems from Warren Buffett is on June 1 , 2012.


  1. It's insightful.
  2. It's funny.
  3. You'll get a glimpse into the thoughts of one of America's most fascinating people.


  1. It's less than a hundred pages long.

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  1. nice quotes. Nice book. Thanks for sharing this quotes of Warren Buffett with us.


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