Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: 50 Climate Questions by Peter Christie


Who knew that climate has been a leading actor in the drama of human history?
Climate is a hot topic. Turns out, it's been a major mover and shaker since time began. Climate has made it possible for new species to evolve, yet has wiped out others. We might not think about it this way, but it has a hand in determining where we live, what we do, and how well we survive.
The fourth book in Annick's highly engaging 50 Questions series gives readers the answers to earth-shattering questions such as "How big was the wallop that KO'd T. rex?" (Huge! Scientists believe a Manhattan-sized asteroid killed off dinosaurs by creating thick dust that cooled the earth's climate.) Or "Would you call this a BIG help?" (Giant poop from sperm whales is helping to reduce greenhouse gases-go, whales, go!)
You'll be surprised to read about the dangers of belching cows, or about the hailstorm that started a revolution. Discover the topsy-turvy world of climate in these electrifying pages, while enjoying the madcap illustrations along the way.
Peter Christie is a science writer and editor whose work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines. This is his fifth book for young readers.
Ross Kinnaird is an illustrator who has worked in London, Sydney, and Hong Kong. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

I enjoy reading children's books that help educate kids without talking down to them.

50 Climate Questions accomplishes this by answering 50 questions related to climate and its effects in a manner that is humorous and not overly technical.

As with the other books in this series, I appreciated the research that went into creating the book. The illustrations and bright colors of the book made this particularly appealing, much like the Time Almanac for Kids is, although this one is made entirely of cartoons.

Thanks to NetGalley and Annick Press for the e-copy.


  1. It touches on global warming and what we can do to stop it.
  2. There are activities and jokes.
  3. The illustrations are nice to look at.


  1. Some parts may be boring for kids, depending on why they picked up this book.

Pikas are furry animals with bunny faces and oversized mouse ears.

  1. You like educational books.
  2. You are interested in the climate and global warning.
  3. You like learning new things.




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