Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Kid in Chief by Paul Maguire, illustrated by Katy Betz

When third-grader Bobby Barton visits Washington, D.C. on a class trip, he doesn't know he will walk away with a chance to become the leader of our nation. It's on that trip that Bobby finds a missing part of the United States Constitution telling him how he could become President! Soon after making this discovery, Bobby moves into the White House as the youngest American President in history. With his friends Maria Cagney (Bobby's Vice-President) and Kevin Sawyer (his Chief of Staff), Bobby is faced with many important decisions, confusing situations, and exciting adventures. Bobby quickly finds out that being President is a very tough job. Join him as he and his friends learn all about how the government works, having loads of fun along the way!
Which kid hasn't dreamed of being a president or royalty?

In Kid in Chief, Bobby becomes President after finding a clause in the United States Constitution which he decides to invoke. However, he finds that being President is not as easy as it looks.

Obviously, the way that Bobby becomes president is very unrealistic. The bills that he wants to reenact was also not very realistic. However, I think kids will be able to relate to this and see it as something that could actually happen to them. I guess since I'm already an adult, the magic is a little bit lost on me, since I can already see the economic impact of Bobby's decision. Kids, though, will be able to enjoy it since Bobby's wishes and hopes are much like any other kid's.

Parents will also like the resolution to the book as it emphasizes the importance of education and fitness, and that adults will be able to do the job more effectively.

I also liked that Bobby underlines words throughout the book, which are then defined at the end. Kids, especially those who are just learning about the government and anything related to it, will find the glossary at the back very useful.

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  1. Kids can learn a lot about how the government works.
  2. Kids will be able to see what it's like to be President.
  3. There's a nice mix of adult characters and kid characters.


  1. Some aspects are unrealistic.

Weekends should be three days long, and the school week would be only Monday to Thursday.

  1. Your child has always wanted to be President.
  2. Your child likes being in charge.
  3. Your child wants to make a better place.




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