Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: Beware the Pirate Ghost Casebusters #7 by Joan Lowery Nixon


When a spoiled kid disappears, the Casebusters go spelunking with a pirate’s ghost
Sean and Brian Quinn have never liked Lester Hopper. The seven-year-old is spoiled rotten, and looks down on every kid he knows—even the ones who are taller than him! But one night, Lester disappears and a ransom note warns the Hoppers not to contact the police. The Casebusters are going to need to solve their most serious mystery yet—a possible kidnapping.�Before he disappeared, Lester was diagnosed with a lung infection, and he needs to take his medicine again soon or he’ll get very sick indeed. But was Lester kidnapped, or did he run away? Whatever the answer, all the clues point to one destination: the town’s oldest cave, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a dead pirate. To save Lester, Brian and Sean will have to match wits with a swashbuckler who’s been dead for centuries.

This book isn't as good as the old Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, but it's still worth reading.

In Beware the Pirate Ghost, Sean and Brian Quinn search for their missing neighbor Lester. His parents think that Lester has been kidnapped but Sean and Brian think he ran away and they might know where Lester is.

When I read mysteries, I usually try to guess the solution as I read along. With Beware the Pirate Ghost, I hardly needed to as the first half of the book doesn't have a lot of mysterious twists since Sean and Brian explains things right away. Things get better in the second half of the book where the mystery of the pirate ghost and the old fisherman adds a little action and mystery to the book.

Sean and Brian seem like intelligent kids, but Debbie Jean was just really annoying. Lester, meanwhile, was just completely spoiled and out of control. If he had been born into a typical family in my country, his parents and grandparents would have probably scared/disciplined him at an early age and he would be more respectful and kind to others.

I liked the last chapter of the book as well, as it gives the story a nice and interesting twist.

Thanks to NetGalley and Open Road Young Readers for the e-copy.


  1. The book gets more interesting as it progresses.
  2. Kids can learn a few things about caves.
  3. There's a nice twist at the end.


  1. The first half of the book could have been more exciting.

The fragrance of French toast drifted up from the kitchen.

  1. Your child likes mysteries.
  2. You're looking for a book that introduces your child to mysteries.
  3. You're looking for an easy read.




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