Thursday, April 12, 2018

Take a Look. More Fun Together! by Liesbet Slegers

It’s okay to be alone. But it’s much more fun when others join along! Is the bear resting by himself? Who is hiding in the garden? Extend the pages to find out! A playful interactive slide and see book about friendship and more for toddlers ages 18 months and up, with a focus on the child’s natural world.
I think I found a new children's book publisher to add to my favorites. So far, all the books my son and I have read from Clavis Publishing have been excellent, and this one is no exception.

This book has simple but colorful and eye-catching illustrations. The content is also quite fun. With each new animal, the text starts off by saying hi to the animal, describing what it is doing and asking if it's doing that alone. When you pull the side, the page extends to show you that the animal actually wasn't alone that day.

I love interactive books like this because they make reading fun for me and my child. The book is the perfect length to read-aloud to kids because it's long enough that you don't feel like it's lacking somehow but it's short enough not to tire both you and your child out.

He loved the book. The first time he saw that the book expanded to show that there were other animals on the scene, he was surprised and thought it was funny. His favorite of the animals were the bunnies and he gamely counted all the baby bunnies.

The vocabulary used was easy enough for him to grasp. As usual, I would point to some of the words he knew and some he might know. He picked up "Take a look!" easily after seeing it a couple of times in the book. Whenever he said "Take a look!" he also put a hand to his forehead as though he was looking out to sea. That was entertaining for me and it was an easy way to keep him interested in the book.

Hello, beautiful fish.
You are swimming in the water.
Are you feeling lonely?



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