Monday, April 2, 2018

Review: Open the Suitcase by Ruth Wielockx

Horse, Cat, Piggy and the other animals all have important jobs to do. They carry their belongings in suitcases. Which bag belongs to whom? Open the suitcases and take a look inside. An interactive lift-the-flap book for curious readers ages 3 and up. 
I like the premise of this book. For each suitcase, you are asked to guess which of the three animals owns it. You have to lift the flap to see the contents of the suitcase and from there, you make your guess. It's easy enough for most of the animals because there are little clues in their costumes and ages.

I liked the illustration style and colors used. The background colors were just one solid color each page and it worked with the concept and the drawings because your attention is kept entirely on the characters and what they are doing.

I read this aloud with my son, and even though the paragraphs weren't too lengthy, I think the number of suitcases may have been why I felt like it was a little wordy. On the bright side, at least that means there's more suitcases for your child to explore and more for you and your child to talk about.

He enjoyed guessing which animals owned the suitcase. He wasn't interested in trying to find the items in the suitcase in the page where the owner is revealed, though. He was more interested in mimicking what the owners and other animals were doing.

Despite the number of suitcases, which made the book feel a little bit lengthy, he was able to remain attentive until the last page of the book. His favorite characters were the Dog (because he loves playing "doctor"), the Rabbit (because he likes cars), and the Piggy (because their ages are similar).

Watch him pull Rabbit from his hat.
"Bravo!" Cat cheers. 


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