Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Review: My Bed by Anita Bijsterbosch

There’s a star in the sky. Bear, Rabbit, Reindeer and the other animals are tired. Time for bed! Reindeer tries every bed he sees, but which bed is really his? A funny picture book about Reindeer and his own bed. For sleepy toddlers ages 24 months and up, with a focus on the child’s daily life.
There are many things I liked about this book. For one thing, the words are simple and there are only one to three short sentences per page so it's great for beginner readers. It was a perfect read for me and my child, and the length and topic is great for bedtime reading.

The illustration style and colors used worked well with the story, and there were little details here and there that provided additional things for my son and I to talk about. For example, Hare's racecar bed and yellow car, which my son liked a lot.

This is a lift-a-flap book, I think, and since I received an e-ARC, the effect became a little confusing for me because the front flap ended up being included in the next page, so I had to scroll forward and then backward to follow the story. I imagine with a physical copy, though, the book is quite perfect.

My son had fun reading along with me, although the scrolling back and forth did slow down our momentum a little bit.

He gamely said "Good night" to all the animals, and after awhile, started getting frustrated on the reindeer's behalf. I think that's why he was so pleased with the ending. I was pretty happy with the ending myself since it made mention of the fact that not all animals have a sleeping schedule similar to humans.

"Hoot!" Owl hoots.
"I sleep during the day.
Now it is your turn." 


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