Friday, March 20, 2015

Review: The Bunk-Bed Bus by Frank Rodgers

Janet and Sam have the most dynamic granny you’ve ever met. She goes jogging, builds shelves and fixes cars - and when a snooty neighbour tells her she’s not artistic she’s determined to prove her wrong. Granny sets to work and creates a wonderful iron sculpture for the art exhibition. The local children think it’s great - but what will the judges think of the amazing bunk-bed bus?
I was unsure about whether or not the illustration style and the font use of this book would be to my liking, but I decided to take a chance anyway, on the basis of the premise of the book.

In The Bunk-Bed Bus, Janet and Sam's Granny decides to join the art exhibition after a snobby neighbor taunts her about not being artistic. She comes up with an amazing concept, but will the art exhibition's panelists be fans?

I enjoyed this book a lot. The idea of not giving up, working hard to prove that it's never too late to learn to do things, and not being afraid to prove doubters wrong are great lessons for children to learn.

I'm a huge fan of Janet and Sam's Granny. She's a cool grandmother, the type that you would love to have as your own. I liked how imaginative, active and inspiring she is. It made me think that this was the kind of book that would be perfect for grandmothers and grandchildren to read together.

It's a very promising start to a children's series, and I for one would love to read more of it.

Thanks to NetGalley and Hungry Horse for the e-ARC.


  1. It's a fun story.
  2. It has a good message.
  3. Granny seems like a cool grandmother. 


  1. The illustration style may not be some people's cup of tea. 


  1. You like books with an old-school feel to it.
  2. You are looking for books that would be perfect for grandmothers and their grandchildren to read together.
  3. You like books that have a positive message.




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