Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: The Adventures of Detective Luke The Disappearing Dog Bowl by Wilson Hickman

Detective Luke is a highly professional detective…who just happens to be a dog! He and his two sons, Leo and Baron, lead lives of busting crime and enforcing justice. Nowhere in that routine did Luke plan on babysitting, so when his owners agree to watch an Akita named Bernard, Luke is anything but happy. His resentment of Bernard reaches its peak when mysterious thefts begin popping up all over town, including the disappearance of Luke’s dog bowl! Is Bernard the culprit? Or is someone else to blame? One thing’s for sure—Luke and his sons have another exciting mystery on their paws!
I like detective novels and dogs, so this sounded like it could be interesting.

In The Adventures of Detective Luke: The Disappearing Dog Bowl, Detective Luke find himself investigating a series of thefts. Could these thefts have anything to do with their new visitor, an Akita named Bernard.

The plot and the mystery were not bad at all. If you're observant, you can probably guess the answer, but the answer isn't so obvious that you lose interest in the story. My biggest problem with the story is actually Detective Luke. He's arrogant, abrasive and unpleasant. He's mean to almost everyone, too, even his children. He reminded me a lot of those grizzled old policemen in old movies, but less lovable. Because Luke was hard for me to like, it took away from the joy of reading the story.

I think there might be a lot of people out there who would find Luke funny, and the story's tone to be perfectly noir-like. However, for me, it wasn't completely my cup of tea.

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  1. The mystery isn't too easy to solve.
  2. Luke's sons are cute.
  3. The dogs have very distinct personalities.


  1. Some readers might not find Luke easy to like.

I nudged the bowl forward with my nose, looking imploringly - and mockingly - at Jack.

  1. You like detective stories.
  2. You like detectives who are anti-heroes.
  3. You like Shih Tzus.




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