Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: Opera A to Z A Beginner's Guide to Opera by Liddy Lindsay

Look no further than this book for a succinct yet thorough primer on the world's most famous operas! From Aida to Zauberflöte, this ABC of operas will inform music lovers of the storylines and characters in these beloved masterpieces. A book intended for young readers (ages 8-12), but sure to delight music lovers of all ages.
Most kids probably won't find the opera interesting, but kids and adults who like opera or are just starting to learn about the opera might find this book worth a read.

Opera A to Z contains the plot summaries and other details of select popular operas, such as Figaro and Carmen.

Of the operas mentioned in the book, I had heard about most of them but I wasn't too familiar with the plot. In that sense, the book was really useful for me because I was able to read the plot and ending of the different operas. From that, I can decide which opera to watch when I have the time.

There are also illustrations for each opera summary. The style is more abstract than what you would normally expect from a children's book, but the coloring made it work.

I found the book a little wordy for youngsters, though. The length of each entry and the language used was what you would expect from an encyclopedia or other reference book, so those who have short attention spans or aren't super interested in the opera might lose interest quickly.

Thanks to NetGalley and Pinwheel Books for the e-ARC. Publication date of Opera A to Z A Beginner's Guide to Opera is on June 30, 2013.


  1. It covers the most popular operas.
  2. You get to read the whole story of each opera.
  3. The illustrations are pretty.


  1. Those who are only mildly interested in opera or have short attention spans may lose interest quickly.

When many people think of opera, the habanera that Carmen dances is what comes to mind.

  1. You're a fan of opera.
  2. You want to introduce your child to opera.
  3. Your child is interested in learning more about the opera.




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