Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Till We Eat Again by Judy Gruen


“I had my fat tested today. It came back positive.”
Facing this inescapable observation, Judy Gruen set out to lose fifteen pounds in time for a college reunion. But as she discovered, no two diet “experts” agree on anything, even whether lentils are good for people with Type A blood. Originally published as Till We Eat Again: Confessions of a Diet Dropout, this revised and updated edition, Till We Eat Again: A Second Helping, is an even more hilarious chronicle of one woman's real-life attempt to make sense out of diets named “Bad Carbohydrates and the Women Who Love Them,” and compounds like “Hyper-Meta-Phedra-Bolic,” which may boost  metabolism but also might cause cardiac arrest.
During her quest for thinness, Judy also belly dances to the “camel,” runs laps while an Army major blows his whistle at a fitness boot camp, and gets tangled in yoga positions so bizarre the paramedics need the “Jaws of Life” to get her out. She also tries to avoid diet despair as medical researchers conclude that even drinking too much water can kill you. After months of these and other indignities, she’ll even earn a little star from Weight Watchers for losing five pounds.
This book offers equal measures of comedy and inspiration for anyone who wants to lose five or fifty pounds.


I've always put off dieting because the diets on the market don't seem like they would work. This book seemed like a funny take on the world of dieting.

In Till We Eat Again, Judy talks about her diet and exercise regimens. She does this in a very sarcastic, funny way.

I did find myself enjoying this book. The thing, however, about her writing style is, if you don't like her style, you're going to find it a little bit mean or not funny. I found majority of her descriptions funny and observant, however, when the focus was on her friends, it seemed a tiny bit cruel.

That said, as a book about diet and exercise and all the things that people really thought but didn't say, this is definitely on the money.

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  1. It's irreverent and funny.
  2. It doesn't take itself too seriously.
  3. Judy knows how to make fun of herself as well.


  1. It can seem a little mean sometimes.

A calorie burned is a calorie earned.

  1. You hate diets.
  2. You are trying to lose weight.
  3. You like sarcastic humor.




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