Monday, June 18, 2012

Blog Tour: Royally BeSwitched by Molly Snow

For this blog tour, we have an interview with Molly Snow, the author of Royally BeSwitched.
What was the hardest thing about writing this book?
The research. Since it takes place in 1730 I had to study fashions, certain terms, the setting up of kingdoms and more. I took some fictional liberties in some areas, but always made sure to have a certain explanation for them to make sense to the reader who is really knowledgeable history-wise.
Which of your characters can you relate to the most?
I think I feel the most for Surla the cat. She seems to have my sensibilities and likes and dislikes (to an extent). I really feel for her as she has fallen in love with her human crush, Jax. And, I agree with her that he is pretty hot stuff... I mean, he already knew how to sword fight before going back in time :) And I am in love with his hair.  
Which part of the book was the easiest to write?
There are times as an author when I get into what I call "The Zone." It comes unexpectedly. I feel like I am one with the book and the words are flowing. That happened a few times during Royally BeSwitched. It is my belief that when I am in that zone, those scenes end up being the best. One time it happened during a sword fight where Jax takes on a giant in an arena, again it happened with Jax fighting black magic, and another time when Surla is thinking about her desires for Jax. Although the book is about getting Jax's predecessors to fall in love again, the plot is also heavy with Jax and Surla's personal journey.
Which actors would play the main characters in the movie version of the book?
Surla: A cool CGI animation to look like a real cat
Idis, the witch: Kathy Griffin (image from
Jax: Thomas McDonell, from the movie Prom (image from
Nicolas, the prince: Kendall Schmidt (image from
Noella: Kate Mara (image from:
Which songs would be on the soundtrack of the movie version of the book?

Any future books in the works?
I'm working on a 4th book in the series. We'll see how it comes out and if it will be the final book in the series ;)

Molly Snow, Founder of, wrote BeSwitched when she was just sixteen. As a bestselling author’s personal assistant at age twenty, she decided to do what her boss did and self publish. At age twenty-three, BeSwitched made its debut. Snow is married to her high school crush, has a set of silly twin boys and a bob-tailed cat named Meow-Meow.


Hexed back to the 1700s, when castles and sword fights abound, a magical black cat, Surla, and her human crush, Jax Morreau, have no idea what troubles await. When Jax’s distant relatives, a lowly maidservant and a pampered prince, miss their chance at love, evil gains a stronghold in the kingdom. It’s up to the duo from the future to reset the course of love before it’s too late. 


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  1. Thank you, Mai! You found the perfect pictures to go with the celebrities, too :-)

    1. Thanks, Molly! I enjoyed participating in the blog tour. :)


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