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Fiction Feature: Witch in the Wind by Brenda M. Collins

For this Fiction Feature, we have an interview with Brenda M. Collins, the author of Witch in the Wind.

What was the hardest thing about writing this book?
The hardest thing about writing any book is just doing it – that is, putting your posterior in the chair and typing the words. I was more driven with WITCH IN THE WIND because, as part of the Bandit Creek Books series, the excitement of the other authors was contagious. You’ll see what I mean if you catch up with our authors on Facebook.
Which of your characters can you relate to the most?
That would be Avalon Gwynn, my heroine. It’s a lucky person who knows exactly who they are from an early age. I certainly wasn’t one of them so I know what Avy feels like when she finds out that she isn’t who she thought she was.  
Which part of the book was the easiest to write?
This story practically wrote itself. Marcus and Avy came to me— in my sleep!— as fully developed characters and lived the story in 3D in my imagination. I could hardly keep up with them. Now doing revisions, that was another matter. LOL 
Which actors would play the main characters in the movie version of the book?
I could see Amanda Seyfried or Olivia Wilde playing Avalon Gwynn. Marcus would be much harder to cast because I think every woman creates their own vision of him as they read the story. Could Hollywood find a man who looked like ‘his magic was so strong it glowed behind his eyes’? Maybe if they crossed Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) with Bradley Cooper (The Hangover). 
Which songs would be on the soundtrack of the movie version of the book?
That’s an easy one—Adele’s, Set Fire to the Rain and Stevie Nicks’, If You Ever Did Believe. Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion would play while Marcus struggles with his inner conflict and I’d even give Avy’s canine familiar a theme song like Nick Drake’s, Black Eyed Dog. Since it’s a Bandit Creek story, I’d also have to have the Dixie Chick’s, Cowboy Take Me Away and Landslide. Can you tell I love music?  
Any future books in the works?
I have a collection of short romantic stories with award winning author, Roxy Boroughs, coming out early this summer.
The portal between The Otherland and the mortal world is still open so I’m working on another story about a witch who is a newly minted private investigator who takes on a diamond laundering case. And, of course, Marcus and Avy will have a role to play in resolving the situation with the Witches Council at some point too. I’ll keep everyone posted if they follow me on TWITTER @bcollinswriter. In the meantime, Witch in the Wind: A Bandit Creek Paranormal Romance is available now on AMAZON or Smashwords


Brenda Collins has wanted to write mystery fiction since she was twelve years old. At the age of twenty, she spoke to an editor in Toronto, who expressed an interest in her story; however, she soon realized it takes more than an idea to be an author.

She joined a number of writing groups to learn about ‘the craft’ and completed two mystery manuscripts. When the Bandit Creek opportunity arose, Brenda jumped on board immediately.

The story that emerged started with a murder, but it came to life with witches, warlocks, a “familiar” and a magical dimension called The Otherland.

Don’t miss Witch in the Wind, a paranormal romance with mystery elements, available May 1, 2012.

Connect with Brenda on Twitter @bcollinswriter


Bandit Creek has a new magical dimension, The Otherland. When murder strikes in Bandit Creek, and the victims aren’t who they seemed, powerful guardian warlock, Marcus Egan, is sent from The Otherland to investigate.

What he doesn’t expect to find is Avalon Gwynn, the grieving daughter of the victims, who has no idea she’s an extraordinary, hereditary witch. And Avy’s pent up magical abilities have just been set free in the mortal world.

Can Marcus catch a killer while making sure Avy doesn’t bring Crow Mountain crashing down on the town—destroying Bandit Creek for the second time?



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  1. Had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of WITCH IN THE WIND and what a pleasure it was. Wonderful world building, a compelling plot, and a mysterious, magical hero to die for. Great emotion throughout as the heroine, Avy discovers who she really is while dealing with the murder of her parents. It's a paranormal-mystery-coming-of-age story with a sweet romance thrown in for good measure. A wonderful, fast-paced read.

    (Love the addition of the musical clip from Adele, BTW!)

    1. Thanks, Roxy. I'm glad you enjoyed Witch in the Wind.


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