Thursday, November 5, 2015

Review: Mickey Mouse: The Mysterious Crystal Ball by Andrea Castellan, Bill Walsh, Jonathan Gray

The adventures of Mickey Mouse return in these kid-friendly-sized collections of classic stories such as "The Lost Explorers' Trail," "Mickey Mouse vs. The Phantom Bot," and more!
I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

In Mickey Mouse: The Mysterious Crystal Ball, the main story involves Mickey being convinced by a fortune teller that he can also see the future. There are also a few other comic strips featuring Mickey and some of his friends.

With some comic books, I enjoy most of the stories but there aren't any particular standouts that make me laugh out loud instead of just smiling or snickering a little bit. Here, there are at least a couple of stories that stood out to me. One of these was "Reform and Void," wherein two former villains, whom Mickey zapped with a hypno-ray to make them nicer, go to his house and gift him with inventions to help him out. Another favorite was the one that featured Pluto and had him trying to impress a poodle. The Soundblot plot was a fun story as well.

The comic book contains 12 stories (with The Mysterious Crystal Ball being made up of 3 parts). There were some longer stories and shorter comics. A number of the shorter stories involved Ellsworth the crow, whom I don't remember seeing before, but it's possible I have just forgotten him or wasn't aware that that was his name. I actually liked Ellsworth's stories. He's a clever bird, although a little cocky sometimes.

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  1. There are some pretty funny stories here.
  2. Some of the stories star Mickey's friends.
  3. It's something that both casual and serious fans can enjoy.


  1. Some may prefer more Mickey Mouse and less stories featuring his friends. 


  1. You are a fan of Mickey Mouse.
  2. You are feeling nostalgic.
  3. You are looking for a fun read. 




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