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Review: The Magical Animal Adoption Agency, Book 2 The Enchanted Egg by Kallie George

Ages 8-12
There's a new resident at the Magical Animal Adoption Agency-but this one hasn't hatched yet! Mr. Jams brought home an enchanted egg from his last journey, and Clover can't wait to find out what kind of creature the polka-dotted shell contains.
But one morning when Clover checks on the cozy nest of feathers she's made for the egg, she finds it empty, and the baby animal is nowhere in sight! Clover is anxious to find the creature, but the Agency is full of visitors looking for pets of their own. Will Clover be able to match them with their perfect companions and save the mysterious animal before Mr. Jams returns from his trip?
With charming illustrations by Alexandra Boiger, the second book in Kallie George's The Magical Animal Adoption Agency series celebrates the magic of new friends and the power of seeing with your heart. Praise for Clover's Luck "[This] gentle tale of magic and self-reliance will entertain confident new independent readers. Clover's sweet story is a good next step for lovers of the Magic Tree House."
-Kirkus Reviews
"The first novel in George's new series is a charming story, delicately written, with a winning heroine. Clover's first adventure with the magical animals at the agency comes to a conclusion that will satisfy young readers."
-Booklist Online

I adored the first book in this series, so I just had to read this to see what happened to Clover.

In The Magical Animal Adoption Agency, Book 2 The Enchanted Egg, Mr. Jam has left Clover in charge of the Agency while he travels to an expert who can shed more light on a mysterious egg at the Agency. While Mr. Jams is gone, the egg hatches. However, Clover can't find the animal anywhere. Can she find it before it escapes the Agency?

I loved this book! It had the same vibe, fun things, and subplots that I loved about the first book. Here, while the main plot is Clover's search for the animal from the egg, she also had to manage (clean the Agency, feed the animals, etc.) and deal with clients. I loved reading about the mundane stuff about how she cleaned the stalls and fed the animals. It made it seem like something I would love to do too. Of course, I also enjoyed reading about the different clients she helped out.

Here, she had three clients: a baker, a giant couple, a father-and-daughter pair of leprechauns. I wasn't too fond of the giants at first, but I did warm up to them. I liked the father leprechaun right away, but I was unsure about the daughter. Then as the story progressed, I started feeling bad for her. Thankfully, she had a very happy ending. My favorite client, though, is the baker. He seems like a genuinely nice person, and I would love to taste those cupcakes. If I was hosting a book club meeting for this book, I would definitely have cupcakes as snacks.

I'm definitely interested in reading the next book in this series, especially since the ending introduced a character who likely could play a very interesting role in coming books. I'd say more but I don't want to give away too much about a potentially important plot point.

Thanks to NetGalley and Disney-Hyperion for the e-ARC.


  1. It makes you want at a magical adoption agency too.
  2. The characters (both animals and magical creatures) are lovable.
  3. The major plot and subplots are all pretty solid stories.


  1. The next book can't seem to come soon enough for me. 


  1. You or your child love animals.
  2. You liked the first book in the series.
  3. You or your child like mysteries. 



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