Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review: Teddy Bear Doctor: A Let's Make & Play Book: Be a Vet & Fix the Boo-Boos of Your Favorite Stuffed Animals by Deanna F. Cook

Got a teddy bear with a tummy ache, a feverish plush puppy, or a dinosaur who scraped her knees while skateboarding? Never fear! This delightful book offers everything kids need to set up their own veterinary clinic and enjoy hours of fun playing doctor with their stuffed animals. It features dozens of DIY projects to make with common household items, including a thermometer made from a pencil, a lab coat made from an old t-shirt, and a hospital bed made from a cardboard box. The book includes four sheets of fun and adorable stickers for making a doctor's name tag, eye patches, medicine bottle labels, and much more, as well as cute cut-out props, such as a nurse's cap. For ages 3 to 8.
When I saw this book, my first thought was "Oh, like Doc McStuffins!"

In Teddy Bear Doctor: A Let's Make & Play Book: Be a Vet & Fix the Boo-Boos of Your Favorite Stuffed Animals, kids learn more about becoming a toy veterinarian and creating their instruments and work spaces like waiting room and examination room.

This is a must-have book for children who love playing doctor or veterinarian. The book focuses on stuffed toy animal patients, but with a little tweaking here and there, kids can use this book for other toys as well.

There are many things I liked about this book. One of them is the inclusion of templates, stickers and forms. Kids can create their own instruments like headlamps and stethoscopes using easy-to-find and/or cheap household items and templates or stickers included in the book. I was also impressed with the forms included such as the patient check-in and exam forms. If this had been around when I was a child, I would have been all over it.

I also liked that there were trivia like the heart rates of different animals. Plenty of kids will probably find that interesting and it may pique their curiosity enough to consider becoming a veterinarian when they grow up.

The pictures, layouts and color choices for this book were all cute and something children will enjoy. I think this book could be a bestseller, and I would love to see this as a series that lets children explore careers (doctors, chef, etc.).

Thanks to NetGalley and Storey Publishing, LLC for the e-ARC.


  1. The crafts use materials that are easy or cheap to obtain and most can be completed with minimal adult supervision.
  2. It covers everything from what instruments kids would need to how their exam rooms should look.
  3. There are templates, stickers and forms provided.


  1. It would be even better if it included other toys as well. 


  1. Your child likes to pretend he/she is a doctor or veterinarian.
  2. Your child likes animals.
  3. You're looking for activity books that can keep your child occupied and also helps him learn something. 



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