Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review: Poppy's Best Paper by Susan Eaddy

Fans of Olivia and Lilly will delight in Poppy, a little rabbit with big dreams—and an even bigger personality.
More than anything, Poppy wants to be a verrrry famous writer. She's sure Mrs. Rose will pick her paper to read to the whole class! Trouble is, she has tall ambitions but is short on effort, and her jealousy takes over when her best friend's paper is chosen instead. In the end, Poppy discovers that she has to get out of her own way if her big dreams are going to come true.
Rosalinde's adorable, expressive illustrations make memorable, quirky Poppy a real star!

This book had me smiling from start to finish.

In Poppy's Best Paper, Poppy dreams of becoming a famous writer. When her teacher asks the class to write papers, with the best piece to be read aloud in class, Poppy is convinced that her teacher will choose her work. Several times, though, Poppy ends up being disappointed. What is she doing wrong?

Despite being a little bit bratty at first, Poppy didn't annoy me. Her reactions were what you'd expect from a young child who just assumes that she is the best and that she doesn't need to put in as much effort because she's naturally talented. Seeing Poppy and Lavender, her more hardworking friend, shows kids that hard work is important without being preachy about it. The book also shows the value of humility.

As for the illustrations, I loved it. It reminded me a little bit of those cute stationery I used to collect when I was younger. The layout varies with each page and there are a couple or so scenes on each page. It's a little busy, but it's not distracting or cluttered.

Thanks to NetGalley and Charlesbridge for the e-ARC.


  1. It teaches important lessons without being preachy about it.
  2. Poppy and Lavender's friendship is cute and easy to relate to.
  3. The illustrations are pretty.


  1. Poppy can seem a little bratty at first. 


  1. Your child keeps procrastinating or doesn't put in a lot of effort when she works.
  2. You like books that teach good manners and lessons in a subtle manner.
  3. You like beautiful illustrations. 



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