Monday, April 20, 2015

Review: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn, David Levithan

It all starts when Nick asks Norah to be his girlfriend for five minutes. He only needs five minutes to avoid his ex-girlfriend, who’s just walked in to his band’s show. With a new guy. And then, with one kiss, Nick and Norah are off on an adventure set against the backdrop of New York City—and smack in the middle of all the joy, anxiety, confusion, and excitement of a first date.
I've been meaning to read this book for so long, but it's only recently that I was able to borrow a copy.

In Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Nick and Norah meet in a club after Nick sees his ex and asks Norah to pretend to be his girlfriend. What started as a pretend relationship eventually progresses into something so much more.

I haven't seen the movie, either, but I do know that it stars Michael Cera and Kat Dennings. After reading the book, I can say that I think Kat Dennings is the perfect Norah. Norah is like a younger version of Kat's character in Two Broke Girls. I really enjoyed reading Norah's thoughts because even though she can be neurotic and sweary, she's also funny, sarcastic and realistic. I wasn't too sure about Michael Cera as Nick, at first. I imagined someone a little more emo-looking. As the book progressed, though, I started to see how it could work. They have the same awkwardness and uncertainty about them.

The story itself was a bit like a teenage version of Before Sunrise. There's a lot of talking and exploring and just getting to know each other. There were moments that I really enjoyed, particularly those that took place while they're exploring Midtown.

I kinda wish there were just a tad bit more music and playlists here. I was sort of hoping to discover more music I would like, but majority of the focus was on Nick's songwriting, which I couldn't really appreciate because there are only words and no melody.


  1. Nick and Norah's dilemmas are realistic.
  2. Norah is funny, sarcastic and just the right dash of neurotic.
  3. You feel like you're exploring Manhattan as well. 


  1. Nick can be so dramatic and overly emo at times. 

“It was about the feeling, you know? She caused it in me, but it wasn't about her. It was about my reaction, what I wanted to feel and then convinced myself that I felt, because I wanted it that bad. That illusion. It was love because I created it as love.” 

  1. You're straight-edge.
  2. You like books wherein there's more talking and self-exploration than action.
  3. You like characters that are very much like regular teenagers. 



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