Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Squirrel Rescue by Jennifer Keats Curtis


A baby squirrel that has fallen out of his nest suddenly interrupts a spring game of catch. Knowing what to do, the two boys demonstrate how to handle the furry mammal properly and what to do when they find the squirrel's sibling. Placing them safely in a box, the two boys retreat to the house so as not to scare the mother away while she recovers her babies. Once again, Jennifer Keats Curtis combines an exciting animal encounter with an ordinary childhood event to create a fascinating, realistic story about wildlife rescue. Laura Jacques' extraordinary illustrations perfectly capture the thrill and excitement of the boys and the animals. Grades K to 4.
Jennifer Keats Curtis is the author of several well-known children's books, including Saving Squeak: The Otter Tale; Osprey Adventure; Turtles in My Sandbox; and Baby Owl's Rescue. Award-winning illustrator Laura Jacques' wildlife books for children include: For the Birds; The Life of Roger Tory Peterson; Baby Owl's Rescue; and Whistling Wings.


There aren't a lot of squirrels where I come from, but I still thought this book was pretty interesting.

In Squirrel Rescue, Matt and Andy interrupt their game of catch in order to rescue a small squirrel.

As this is meant for a young audience, it's a pretty straightforward book. There's not much in terms of plot twists. However, it's a very informative book, and children who are animal lovers will really like this, especially if they don't know much about rescuing squirrels.

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  1. It's very informative.
  2. The illustrations and coloring are very pretty and look like watercolor paintings.
  3. It's a somewhat new concept.


  1. There's not much other things going on in the book besides the rescue.

The squirrel's face is so close to Andy's that he ca see short white, yellow, and brown hairs scattered across the animal's tiny, quivering face.

  1. You are an animal lover.
  2. Your child likes animals.
  3. You want to teach your child how to properly rescue squirrels.




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