Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review: Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Nature Calls by Bathroom Readers' Institute


Earth's teeming biosphere comes to life in this wild book about all creatures great and small! With Nature Calls at your side, you'll encounter bizarre beasties and experience incredible natural wonders. So burrow in and read about...
  • An ape that fries burgers and a lizard that plays video games
  • The search for the mysterious rhinoceros dolphin
  • The explosive history of America's deepest lake
  • A petrifying waterfall that turns toys to stone
  • Two real continents that sank (like Atlantis)
  • Cats Vs. Birds: the Feline-Avian War
  • The history of dirt
And much, much more! 


I'm a fan of the Bathroom Reader books, and even though I'm not particularly fond of reading nature books, I still enjoyed this book a lot.

As the title suggests, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Nature Calls is a collection of short, medium and long articles about animals, insects, and anything related to nature. There are also quizzes, quotes and trivia.

Some of the articles, mainly the ones that were more encyclopedia-like in nature wasn't particularly my type. However, I really enjoyed the articles that were anecdotal. I particularly liked the stories that show how humans and pets related to each other.

What makes this book different from other nature books is the trademark Uncle John humor. Well-placed jokes make even the more boring topics interesting.

Thanks to NetGalley and Portable Press for the e-copy.

  1. It will appeal to non-nature lovers as well.
  2. It's funny.
  3. Tons of trivia mean that even those who think they know a lot about nature will still find something new here.
  1. Some of the articles may be boring for some.
According to Professor Ervin, there's not much difference between a crowd of soused monkeys and a human cocktail party: "You have one who gets aggressive, one who gets sexy, one who thinks everything's funny, and one who gets really grumpy. The binge drinkers gulp down the alcohol at a very fast rate and pass out on the floor."
  1. You're a nature lover.
  2. You have a short attention span.
  3. You're looking for a bathroom read that you won't feel compelled to finish in one sitting.



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