Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: China’s Goodwill Ambassador-Tai Shan the Panda by Patricia Eireann Holz


China's Goodwill Ambassador, Tai Shan the Panda is a mischievous four year-old panda, a descendant of the first panda pair given as gifts from the Chinese people to the American people in 1972. He is a popular and beloved sight for children visiting the National Zoo in Washington, DC. All is well until he discovers he must leave the zoo and go alone to Sichaun province, China. With mixed feelings he learns from his parents that he must go to help save endangered baby pandas. Tai Shan also learns the meaning of a goodwill ambassador as he says goodbye to all his friends and travels on the Bamboo Express to China. He is daring, friendly, and outgoing, and his courage is constantly tested through some great adventures. Combines fact and fiction based on the true story of the real Tai Shan.
Holz is an Irish writer of poetry, travel writing, and fiction. She founded Washington International magazine with a view toward building bridges of understanding between cultures. China's Goodwill Ambassador, Tai Shan the Panda encompasses the values of friendship, courage, and respect, and deals with the pain of separation as well as the joy of adventure. With an education and field experience in child psychology, this is her first book dedicated to children.


I don't think I've heard of Tai Shan before reading this book, but  because pandas are so cute, I didn't hesitate in reading this book.

China’s Goodwill Ambassador-Tai Shan the Panda is about a sweet little panda that has to go to China to help save younger pandas. The day before he has to leave, he talks to his other animal friends and creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Tai Shan is such a cute little panda! His friends kinda remind me of the animals in the movie Madagascar.

The story is a little bit long, so I think this is best for slightly older kids or it's a book that parents will read to their younger kids in installments.

The illustrations are pretty, too, although, I feel like the style is more of something that you would see in postcards, if that makes sense.

Thanks to NetGalley and Bookmasters for the e-copy.


  1. Tai Shan is a cute panda!
  2. You get to read about the history of Tai Shan.
  3. The coloring of the illustrations is very pretty.


  1. The book is a little bit long.

I will never, ever forget it, even when I am far away in China with one hundred years behind me.

  1. You like pandas.
  2. You want to learn more about Tai Shan.
  3. You're looking for a book which you can read to your kid over a long period of time.




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