Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Review: The Last Time I'll Write About You by Dawn Lanuza


The Last Time I’ll Write About You is popular Filipino YA and romance writer Dawn Lanuza’s debut collection of poetry. Featuring beautiful, relatable poems about first love, this book is the perfect companion for anyone who has loved, lost, and emerged anew.
I'm a #romanceclass fan, so Dawn Lanuza is not a new author to me. I've also seen screenshots of some of the poems in this book from other #romanceclass readers who purchased the back when it was first published. I was very intrigued then but I had a long TBR list already.

A couple or so weeks after deciding to blog again, I got a pleasant surprise when I saw this on NetGalley and I knew I had to get it right away. 

The book is divided into several sections: THE FIRST, THE PULL, THE KISS, THE TALK, THE HURT, and THE LAST. The poems vary in length and rhyming pattern, with a lot of the poems not containing rhymes.

The poems in this book are very relatable. Some of the poems brought back memories for me, although of course I'm so far removed from those memories already that they don't hurt anymore and there's just this strange sort of nostalgia left. Sort of like what was described at the end of ACCEPTANCE.

I had a really hard time choosing a favorite quote for this book. I also loved the questions in THE HURT section. Usually with poetry books, I'd have maybe 3 or so poems I really liked. Here I had 9: TRUTH, HH, HABITS, THE WORST SLEEPOVER, UNASKED QUESTION, RESUSCITATE, LESSON, EPILOGUE, and PS. Not all of the poems worked for me, but quite a number did which is saying something since I can be hard to please.
You keep coming back to him
To convince yourself that
You still feel,
You still hurt,
Your heart still works.
But that's not love,
Don't hang on to that.


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