Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Review: Surprise! by Mike Henson

Badger wants to show Rabbit something. But why do the lights keep going on and off? There are plenty of surprises in store for the animals in this simple, vibrant picture book which is both a mystery and a guessing game. As young readers prepare to turn the pages, they can try to predict what will happen next.
I enjoyed reading this book with my son.

The book doesn't have a lot of text so it was quick and easy to read. Plus, a good number of that text was the word "surprise," which my son has now learned to read, thanks to the book.

I thought this book was perfect for my son and other kids his age and younger, because there's not a lot of words and with every turn of the page, something happens, so they don't get bored.

I liked the illustration style and the coloring used in the book. I did find it a little odd though that near the end of the book, the font and style/medium used changed. I really liked the font (a serif font) and colors used. I'm not entirely sure what medium was used but it looked like at least some of it could be colored pencils. The colors near the end of the book were more solid and had no visible lines you would associate with colored pencils. 

My son loved the characters in the book, and he thought they were quite funny.

He was surprised whenever the lights in the book were turned off, and the first time it happened, he asked me why it was turned off.

He was able to empathize easily with the rabbit, and he acted sad during the book's plot twist, which I found a little amusing.



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