Saturday, January 2, 2016

Review: The Big Bucket List Book: 133 Experiences of a Lifetime by Gin Sander

Everyone has an extensive, daunting bucket list of things to complete “before you die.” But it’s time to stop listing and start living. The Big Bucket List Book will change the way you look at the world and empower you to reach for all of the big and little things you want to achieve. Gin Sander offers 133 fresh ideas for infusing your life with a bit of glamour, adventure and style—whatever your budget. Learn to make your next chapter the most enriching and personally fulfilling of them all...and maybe change the world while you’re at it!
Jennifer “Gin” Sander is the New York Times bestselling author of many popular lifestyle books. A former senior editor and chief book developer for Prima Publishing, her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, People, the Boston Globe and USA Today, and she has appeared on Fox & Friends, C-Span’s Book TV, NBC and more.

I found the description for this book intriguing so I just had to read it for myself.

In The Big Bucket List Book: 133 Experiences of a Lifetime, you get to learn more about a wide range of activities that you can add to your bucket list.

While there weren't a lot of items here that interested me, I think a lot of people would find many things to add to their list from here (become a film extra, etc.). I actually found a few things that I hadn't thought of and which I'll probably add to my list. These are: creating an ultimate list of my favorite food, visiting Christmas markets, and dining at the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower.

I thought it was a good idea that the table of contents for this book included dollar signs for each item, corresponding to how expensive it is. I wish that this was included in the main entries, though, or at least cost estimates as of press time.

Each entry is short, but has resources (books or websites) you can see for more information. Some of the entries also have anecdotes from people who have done that particular activity before. You can also find tips at the start of and throughout the book about affording the things on your list.

Since the entries are concise, this book is better for considering what else you can add to your bucket list as opposed to learning as much as you can about certain activities. It's a good starting point, though.

Thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks for the e-ARC.


  1. You can find new things to add to your list.
  2. There are additional resources listed for each entry.
  3. There are a wide range of activities to choose from. 


  1. Some may wish for more details for each item. 


  1. You are looking for more things to add to your bucket list.
  2. You are looking for fun things to do.
  3. You want to go on an adventure. 




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