Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Review: Max the Brave by Ed Vere

Are You My Mother? meets I Want My Hat Back in this hilarious picture book featuring your new favorite kitty
Max is a fearless kitten. Max is a brave kitten. Max is a kitten who chases mice. There’s only one problem—Max doesn’t know what a mouse looks like! With a little bit of bad advice, Max finds himself facing a much bigger challenge. Maybe Max doesn’t have to be Max the Brave all the time…
Join this adventurous black cat as he very politely asks a variety of animals for help in finding a mouse. Young readers will delight in Max’s mistakes, while adults will love the subtle, tongue-in-cheek humor of this new children’s classic.

This is such a cute and entertaining book.

Max the Brave is the story of a brave little kitten who wants to go mouse-chasing. However, he has no idea what a mouse looks like so he has to ask other animals he encounters first.

Max is such a little sweetheart! He is polite when he talks to the animals, and even though he has no visible mouth, his eyes are very expressive so his facial expressions are adorable.

The plot was simple but fun to read. I actually thought the mouse put one over him, but Max ended up having the last laugh.

I liked the overall look of the book. The images look like they were done in watercolor, which I'm a fan of, and while I don't usually like serif fonts, the combination of the font and the illustrations was pretty perfect.

Thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Jabberwocky for the e-ARC.


  1. Max is a sweet kitten.
  2. It's a simple but clever story.
  3. The combination of the illustrations and the font is pretty. 


  1. The color scheme may not appeal to everyone.


  1. You like kittens.
  2. Your child likes animals.
  3. You're looking for a fun book to read out loud. 



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